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ResourceSmartTM specializes in the smart rehabilitation of existing multifamily properties, providing a seamless one-stop-shop rehab process. Have an RFP for a project? Interested in which of your buildings uses the most energy? Want to bolster your NOI?

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ResourceSmart is the one-stop-shop for multifamily property rehabilitation, executing and managing all aspects of work throughout a given project.    From increased NOI, property value, occupancy, and tenant comfort and health to decreased O&M costs, tenant turnover, and energy and water utility costs, ResourceSmart tailors results based on your needs.      ResourceSmart provides a proven method to efficiently rehab multifamily properties, senior care facilities, and many more. See how we have leveraged local partnerships, and increased NOI.

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Latest News and Updates from ResourceSmart:

Green Multi-Family Affordable Housing Resource
July 14, 2016
This guide, developed from 2015-2106, is meant to help other practitioners scale and replicate ICAST's market-based approach to green rehab in  MFAH properties. It lays out the specific performance of cost-effective  green rehab measures that can be applied to MFAH properties, and also addresses how to engage the owners of affordable housing properties, overcome barriers such as 'split-incentive', educate MFAH residents, and   find innovative solutions that can preserve MFAH properties using a   sustainable market-based approach. ResourceGuide 
 ResourceSmart Launches 10 New Projects 
Feb 29, 2016

The past 30 days have been hectic at ResourceSmart. The growing partnership with Truth or Consequences Housing Authority led to two new projects: Villa San Jose (pictured) in Carlsbad, NM and Villa Del Norte, Espanola, NM. Similarly, the strategic partnership with Monarch Properties led to a rehab project on Mountain Vista, Los Alamos, NM. In Colorado a growing relationship with Del Norte led to a rehab of 7 of their properties in Denver, CO. The work on these properties will include replacing and installing efficient HVAC systems, windows, in-door and out-door lighting, as well as installing new insulation. ResourceSmart will also install new smoke & carbon detectors, make air quality improvements, and implement water conservation measures including installing low-flow shower heads and efficient toilets. Altogether these upgrades, installations, retrofits, and natural resource conservation measures will impact more than 408 low-income individuals in New Mexico and Colorado. Have a multifamily property that needs rehab work? Contact us, we would love to answer your questions.    

 How Investing in Housing Can Save on Healthcare Costs
Jan 15, 2016

The National Housing Conference conducted a review that summarizes and evaluates recent research on the effectiveness of housing interventions to result in health care cost savings. There are a number of good studies that have demonstrated that providing permanent supportive housing to homeless individuals can result in significant savings on public health care expenditures—usually more than enough to offset the cost of providing housing and services. There is less research monetizing health care savings associated with other housing programs. However, with new opportunities under the Affordable Care Act and expanded Medicaid, the research provides clear support for collaboration between the housing and health communities on supportive housing programs. At the same time, there is a need to continue to rigorously evaluate housing programs and to include an analysis of health impacts in future studies. Read Full Review 


ResourceSmart Has Successfully Completed More Than 60 Rehab Projects
Dec 28, 2015

To date ResourceSmart has calculated that it has completed more than 60 property rehab projects, positively impacting more than 7,082 individuals in Colorado and New Mexico. The vast majority of these projects consist of the rehabilitation of multifamily affordable housing properties, including senior living, women's shelters, veteran, and disabled specific properties. These properties now see both short-term and long-term benefits affecting property owners, managers, and tenants. Take a look at recently completed ResourceSmart projectstestimonials, or contact us if you have any questions. We would love to chat with you.           


Millions of Low-income Households Are Burdened By Fuel Insecurity
Mar 11, 2015

During this time of year, millions of people across the country struggle to pay their heating bills. But how widespread is the issue of fuel insecurity, and what assistance is available? Mark Wolfe, Executive Director of the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, joins Hari Sreenivasan from Washington.

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Heat or Hunger? Low-income Families Struggle to Cope with Winter Weather
Mar 11, 2015

As the brutal winter drags on for parts of the country, many low-income families are struggling to pay their energy bills. In North Carolina, local governments are increasingly partnering with private nonprofit organizations to try to find new ways to help poor families stay warm in the winter. NewsHour's Stephen Fee reports.

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